How to align car headlights

Before embarking on a long trip or simply if our daily commutes force us to move around in the car at night, or in adverse weather conditions, it is very important to take into account how to align the car headlights.

We must know that the lighting of our vehicle not only affects us in the sense that the headlights facilitate our visibility, but that it is very important for the cars that pass us or that circulate right in front of us. Thus, the alignment of the headlights must be correct so as not to dazzle other drivers. Here we explain the steps for alignment correct the headlights of the car.

You will need to:

  • We will need to have a flat terrano in front of a wall that we can paint on.
  • Screwdriver to adjust the screws
  • Pencil to make the marks.


Steps to follow:


Before starting you should take into account whether you are going to drive with your car with the trunk loaded or not, since the alignment of the headlights will vary. The alignment must be done with the boot already prepared.


To align the headlights, we must park the car in a flat area with a wall, which will serve as a test scenario, about 30 or 40 centimeters away.


Once prepared, we turn on the high beams and mark the area of ​​greatest illumination on the wall. So we proceed in the same way with low beams. We must not forget to identify the long brand to differentiate it from the short brand and thus avoid confusion.


Now, we move the car about six meters away from the wall to continue with the alignment of the headlights. We turn on the long and short lights again and mark on the wall the area of ​​greatest illumination in each of them.


At this point, it is when we have to assess the situation of the brands to see if the alignment of the headlights of our car is correct. To do this, both for the short and long lights, we must check on the wall that the marks corresponding to when the car was further away are approximately 10% lower than the others.


If so, perfect, we are ready for our trip. Otherwise, it will be necessary to continue with the alignment of the headlights, specifically, the one that has failed.


The headlights of the car have two adjustment screws, one of which serves to control the movement from right to left and the other, from top to bottom. We must move these screws until the test gives the results we want.


In case you do not get the alignment of the headlights of the car, it is best to come to our shop confidence.


  • Do not forget to put the parking brake when we do the tests.


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