How to avoid fogging up your car windows

To avoid fogging up the car windows, the first thing you should know is that this happens because the air laden with water vapor comes into contact with the cold glass. So the more moisture inside and the colder the vehicle’s windows are, the more likely they are to fog up. This fact can be dangerous, since it reduces a lot of visibility to the driver of the car. For this reason, here we explain how to prevent car windows from fogging up.

Steps to follow:

One.To avoid fogging up the car windows, you can use a tool that most cars incorporate to make the rear window heat up. To start it, you have to press a button like the one in the image. This way you will gain visibility. By pressing this button, some filaments incorporated in this rear glass heat up, eliminating condensation. The downside is that these filaments are only on the rear window and not on the windshield or side windows.

Two.The previous option is the fastest and most appropriate in the event that the fact that the windows are already fogged up and prevent you from being able to adequately control circulation. But to avoid condensation, what you can do is turn on the car heating. In this way, you cause hot air to circulate inside the car, which lowers the level of humidity that exists inside the car.

3.Another alternative to avoid fogging up the car windows is to drive with the windows down. In this way, what you achieve is that the air inside the car that may be loaded with humidity is renewed and the amount of water vapor it contains lowers, avoiding the possibility of condensation.

4.If you turn on the air conditioning, you will also prevent the car windows from fogging up, because it causes dry air to enter the environment and, consequently, lowers the humidity levels. Some car air conditioning systems have an anti-fog mode, with an icon similar to the one in instruction number 1.

5.Our recommendation is that you take some of these measures to avoid fogging up the windows of the car whenever you are going to take more than 3 people in the vehicle, since the usual humidity levels will increase considerably in these conditions.

6.There are also anti-fog products in specialized automotive stores. It is an alternative that you should consider to prevent the car windows from fogging up. Of course, to reduce the possibility of stains on the glass, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying it.

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