How to change a car pollen filter

Changing the car’s pollen filter is a task that you can do yourself with the help of a screwdriver and, especially if you are allergic, a mask, gloves and protective glasses. Most cars have this so-called cabin filter under the glove compartment, on one side, but you should consult your car’s manual to verify it. There are normal and carbon filters, more convenient for allergy sufferers. Here we explain how to change your car’s pollen filter in detail.

You will need to:

  • Screwdriver, mask, gloves and goggles.

Steps to follow:

One.The car pollen filter should be changed at least once every year. However, if any of the occupants of the vehicle are very sensitive to this substance or excessively high levels occur in a certain season, you should change the car’s pollen filter more frequently. The filter serves to keep the car at bay, too, from other elements, such as dust, so if you often drive through dusty environments, change the filter often.

Two.Locating your car’s pollen filter is easy. To go direct, it is best to consult the manual of your vehicle. Most models place the pollen filter under the glove compartment on one side, but on your model it may be in another location. It can also be under the windshield wipers and accessed by the engine.

3.To change the pollen filter you will need a screwdriver to remove all the pieces that prevent you from carrying out the work. In the event that the pollen filter is under the glove compartment, you will need to remove it, as well as the pollen filter housing. Store all the screws you remove well and do it in an orderly manner, to avoid problems later.

4.Once you have access to the old pollen filter, remove it and set it aside for recycling. If you are allergic to pollen, it is recommended that you wear glasses, gloves and a mask, since the filter will be loaded with pollen and other substances that can cause an allergy attack.

5.The new pollen filter that you introduce must be the one indicated by the manufacturer of your car in the instruction manual. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the unpleasant surprise that the pollen filter you want to fit does not even fit in the cabin. Once you have placed it, proceed to put all the covers that you have had to remove, with their corresponding screws.

6.It is best to change the pollen filter before spring begins, during the last weeks of winter, so that when the pollination season begins, your car is already prepared to protect you.

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