How to change car spark plugs

We will know that we need to change the spark plugs of the car when we notice in our vehicle that we have a lack of engine power, which increases fuel consumption disproportionately or, also, when the engine pollutes to a greater extent. For when it happens that you have confirmed that they are damaged or touch the part already, here we explain how to change the car’s spark plugs.

You will need to:

  • Wrenches, brush, spark plugs, gloves.

Steps to follow:

One.If there is no fault, we have to check in the manual of our car if the necessary kilometers have already passed for the change of spark plugs. Typically they are between 30,000 and 60,000.

Two.If we make the change because one of the spark plugs is defective, we have to take into account that we have to put all new ones, in order to avoid unbalances being generated during the ignition.

3.With the car cold, allowing two hours or more to pass after the last use as the spark plugs get very hot, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

4.When we go to buy the new spark plugs, it is recommended that we go with the car manual and, also, knowing the year of manufacture of the vehicle.

5.Once the engine is cold, we identify the cables and we can even mark each of them with a piece of paper with a number to avoid getting confused when putting them back in place. There are the same number of wires as there are spark plugs.

6.With the hand protected by a glove, we are removing the spark plug wires, pulling from the base, since otherwise the operation will be less effective and the wire may even break.

7.Once each cable is removed, we clean the hole, for example, with the help of a small brush.

8.With the wrench the same size as the spark plug, we remove the old ones and replace them with the new ones. It is not necessary to turn the key too much, we will immediately notice that they are already adjusted.

9.Next, we put the new spark plugs and wires in the proper positions.

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