How to clean a car radiator

The cleaning of the radiator of the car is something we must do to ensure that, because of the use, will not rust and release excess sedimentation. Its role in the cooling system is vital as it helps keep the engine cool. If we don’t notice problems, cleaning it every two years is enough. Here we explain in detail how to clean your car’s radiator.

You will need to:

  • Water, distilled water, antifreeze, soap, brush, hose, gloves.

Steps to follow:

One.The radiator cleaning operation must be carried out cold, because if the engine is hot, we will surely burn due to the high temperature reached by the water or by the steam itself.

Two.When we are sure that the engine is cold, we open the hood and the engine cover and clean, with a brush and soapy water, the metal radiator grills. There is usually sediment that will come out easily if we help ourselves with the brush.

3.The next step is to drain the radiator. To do this, we will put on some gloves and place the drain pan under the radiator drain valve. Then, we pull the handle and we will see how the cooling liquid falls, which is toxic. When finished, we cover the drain tray and set it aside, although we must keep it under control so that no one is accidentally poisoned.

4.Next, we will have to check that the clamps that hold the radiator hoses are not rusted and that the hoses themselves are not cracked. There are two, one that takes the hot coolant away and one that takes care of flushing the radiator with cold coolant.

5.Now it’s time to rinse the radiator before adding the new coolant. With a hose we introduce water into the radiator until filling it, then we empty it again.

6.Before depositing the new cooling liquid, we must make the mixture in a container. Ideally, it should be made up of half distilled water and the other half antifreeze.

7.Before finishing the cleaning, we must purge the radiator. To do this, we start the engine by leaving the lid open and let it run for about ten minutes. We will thus get the coolant to heat up and the air to escape from the radiator, so that there is more space for cooling.


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