How to clean car injectors

The car’s injectors must be clean in order to work properly. Otherwise, you will have a higher gas mileage, the vehicle will jerk when accelerating or decelerating, and if they are already heavily clogged, the car may not even be able to start. Before reaching this end, you can perform the cleaning operation yourself in a simple way. Here we explain in detail how to clean your car’s injectors.

Steps to follow:


First of all, it should be explained that the car’s injectors have the function of dosing the fuel, that is, of adjusting the specific quantity that is passed to the engine; so the good condition of these parts is essential for the vehicle to run correctly.


There are specific products to clean car injectors. The most recommended thing is that, before buying them, you choose to do it in a specialized store that you trust, to avoid that a low-quality product can cause damage to your car or, simply, not achieve the objective you are looking for.


Once you have the product to clean the car’s injectors, read the application manual carefully, respecting the times and the way indicated by the manufacturer. What you will have to do, generally, is to apply the product directly on the fuel tank. It is important that this tank is full when you apply the preparation to clean the car’s injectors.


We recommend that when you carry out the cleaning operation of the car injectors, you do it in an open space.


Car injectors get dirty with the mere use of the vehicle, as debris and fuel residues reach it. Some injectors that are somewhat dirty will cause the car to jerk, but if they are already heavily clogged, the car simply will not be able to start.


In addition to the indicated method, you can clean the injectors of the car by ultrasound or by sweeping. In these cases, you should go to your trusted mechanic to carry out the operation.


An orientation for a good maintenance of the injectors is that you clean them every 50,000 kilometers, in this way you will be able to extend their useful life and avoid reaching the undesirable situation of a total clogging.


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