How to clean your car air conditioner

Car air conditioning ducts are a place where many microorganisms accumulate that, in the long run, can be the source of bad odors inside the vehicle and even the transmission of diseases. Therefore, it is necessary that in the maintenance of your car you include its cleaning. Here we explain in detail how to clean your car’s air conditioning.

Steps to follow:

One.First of all, point out that you should clean the car’s air conditioning every 6 months. In this way, you will avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria that can cause bad odors or even damage the air conditioning system.

Two.The first thing you will do is remove the moisture from the ducts. To do this, with the car stopped and the engine running, turn on the heating to maximum. The air conditioning has to be off.

Get out of the car and leave the doors and windows closed for about 5 minutes. By eliminating the humidity, you will make the air conditioning ducts less suitable for bacteria to reproduce.

3.Once the humidity has been eliminated, you have to apply a product to decontaminate fungi, bacteria and mites. You can buy it at any specialized auto accessories store.

4.Once you have the product, turn off the heating and turn on the air conditioning, on the coldest level. Keep all doors and windows closed except the passenger door.

5.While you are out of the vehicle, place the product on the floor of the car on the passenger side. Press it for half a minute, trying not to breathe the product that comes out of the bottle. You can use a protective mask.

6.After the 30 seconds have passed, close the passenger door and let the product spread through the interior of the car, leaving the air conditioning on and staying out of the car.

7.Let the product work for 5 minutes, then open the car and turn off the air conditioning. Now, before using the vehicle again, ventilate the car well with doors and windows open for half an hour.


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