How to cool an overheated engine

When an engine is overheated, you’ll notice how a white element arises from the hood that we often confuse with smoke and that causes us great concern, but it is simply steam generated by liquid elements to high heat. In case this happens to your car after spending a long time in traffic or taking a long trip, here we explain how to cool down an overheated engine.

Steps to follow:

One.The first thing we have to do is go to the side of the road, parking and stopping the engine of the car. This is very important, since if we make the mistake of continuing to drive with an overheated engine we can cause serious damage to our vehicle.

Two.The next step will be to open the hood. However, if the engine is too overheated we will not be able to do it as we will burn our hands. In this case, we will wait long enough to open the hood and not hurt ourselves. If we have gloves, it is advisable to use them.

3.Once the hood is opened, the process to cool the engine so that we can manipulate its interior will be faster, although in any case we will probably have to wait around an hour.

4.Once we can, we must check the condition of the radiator and coolant fluids, since it is most likely that the cause of the overheating has been low levels. So, we must fill them.

5.Once all this is done, we are now in a position to resume the march more safely.

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