How to efficiently use your car air conditioner

A bad use of the air conditioning of the car will affect in an excessive consumption of the fuel of our vehicle. Given the current times, the advice that we give you on how to use the air conditioning in your car efficiently will be very useful and the environment will also appreciate it.

Steps to follow:

One.First of all, something that is basic but what we sometimes forget, the air conditioning should not be started before checking that all the windows are completely closed, otherwise the car will take longer to start. Reach the desired temperature.

Two.We should not think that in winter we can wear short sleeves while driving, nor that in summer we can do it with a sweater on. We must adapt to the time of year we are in and think that although the temperature inside the car has to be pleasant, it should not be radically different from the one outside.

3.Thus, in winter we will not be able to put the air conditioning to achieve an excessively high temperature, since, in addition to being negative for our pocket and for nature, it can be dangerous because it will be easier for us to fall asleep at the wheel.

4.If what we are going to do is a short journey, we must assess whether it is worth turning on the air conditioning. In this way, if we want the air conditioning to cool the car in summer in a short distance, it may be more useful to go with all the windows open.

5.On the other hand, if we are going to make a long trip, we will win by turning on the air conditioning; since if we opted to open the windows, the car’s resistance to the wind would be greater and more fuel would be used than with the air conditioning on.

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