How to put a tinted sticker on car windows

The adhesives polarized offer many benefits including UV protection and privacy. You will want to access your skills before trying this project on your own. At the very least, you better be good at measuring and cutting. The goal of this is precision work that takes a lot of practice to get right.

You will need to:

  • Marker knife.
  • Dish soap.
  • Bottle with sprayer.
  • Hair dryer
  • Small sponges
  • X-Acto Blades
  • Razors for men
  • Polarized film
  • Hot air guns
  • 4 inch brushes

Steps to follow:

One.Gather the following tools and supplies: polarized stickers, X-act blades, razors, a hair dryer or heat gun, 4-inch brushes, small sponges, a 4-inch hard card, and a spray bottle filled with a mixture of detergent and water.

Two.Cut the adhesive to the shape of the windows, set the excess part aside. Some brands or companies offer pre-cut stickers that you can buy for specific vehicle models.

3.Spray the side window with the soap and water mixture.

4.Use a razor and run it along the sides of the window to remove any residue.

5.Use a 4-inch squeegee to get rid of any residue from top to bottom.

6.Apply the adhesive polarized the window. Leave a 1/4 centimeter to 1/16 centimeter from the top edge of the window without ink. This will be covered when the window and door are closed.

7.Use the tool to push the polarized adhesive into the inside rubber edges of the window.

8.Use the card to make sure the adhesive goes into all the corners.

9.Hold a heat gun or hair dryer in one hand and a squeegee in the other, heat the top on one side and run the squeegee over the ink on the other side in a horizontal motion, this ensures that it is removes any remaining moisture between the adhesive and the glass.

10. tinted stickerUse the same procedure to apply the to the front windshield. Note: In some communities it is illegal to apply a tinted sticker to the front windshield.

Eleven.Follow steps 3 and 5 to apply the adhesive to the rear window. Do not use the razor to prime the rear window because the blade can damage the rear defroster.

12.Count the number of lines on the rear defroster.

13.Cut the rear window adhesive into the required number of panels.

14.Place the first panel on the bottom, the second panel on top of the first, the third panel on the top of the second, and so on. Identify the defroster lines where two panels overlap.

Fifteen.Trim the adhesive along the defroster lines.


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