How to replace the taillights on a Mercedes

Mercedes vehicles have multiple driving lights for added safety. These lights are the headlights, taillights, blinkers, and parking lights at the front and rear of the vehicle. It is important that you always keep your lights on, not only for your safety, but to avoid receiving a fine from the authorities. Although most of today’s Mercedes-Benz vehicles use the same lamps, check your owner’s manual to ensure the type of lamp your car uses.

You will need to:

  • Clean gloves
  • Replacement lamps


Steps to follow:


Put on clean gloves. Turn the headlight switch to the off position and open the trunk.


Turn the fixing screws of the tail lamp cover 90 degrees and remove the tail lamp cover.


Remove the desired bulb by turning it counterclockwise, and pulling it out. There are four bulbs in the tail lamp assembly: the brake lamp bulb, the backup lamp bulb, the turn signal light bulb, and the parking light bulb.


Install a replacement bulb, pushing into the socket and turning clockwise. The brake lights must use a P 21 W bulb, the signal lights, in turn, use a PY 21 W bulb, the parking lights use a P 21/5 W bulb, and lastly, the backup lamps, they use a P 21 W bulb.


Replace the tail lamp cover and tighten the screw. Close the trunk.


Always wear clean gloves or a clean cloth to replace halogen bu

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