How to take care of your car heater

Of heating our car usually only we remember and only when they reach the first cold, but maintenance work is something we have to keep in mind throughout the year to reduce the risk of breakdowns and achieve operating optimum system. Keeping the car’s heating in good condition, if we are constant with daily actions, will save us important expenses in the mechanical workshop. To help you in this task, we explain how to take care of your car’s heating. Steps to follow:

One.The good condition of the engine cooling circuit is key in maintaining the car’s heating, since this system consists of a radiator to which the engine coolant hoses are connected.

Two.The manufacturer of our car will tell us how often we must renew the coolant, but as a general idea we can point out that it should be done every 100,000 kilometers or every year.

3.The heating system of the car only works, in most models, when the engine is warm, so we must wait for it to reach the correct temperature before starting it.

4.As part of maintaining the heating, we must start it up in summer. The objective is to prevent the coolant bypass valve from being damaged due to lack of use.

5.Checking with the naked eye that the hoses that carry the coolant to the radiator are damaged is impossible. This is a task that our mechanic must perform in the general revisions that he makes to our car.


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