What if I run out of oil in the car?

Knowing what happens if you run out of oil in the car will invite you to maintain your vehicle well, since the consequences for the engine are very serious and expensive. Thus, if due to a fault in the tank or because you have neglected this task of replacing it and your car runs out of oil, vital parts for the operation of your car will be damaged and you will have to make a significant investment to repair them. Here we explain in detail what happens if I run out of oil in my car.

Steps to follow:

One.In order for you to understand the importance of doing everything possible to avoid running out of oil in the car, it is necessary to explain that this fluid is responsible for lubricating the engine so that the parts do not damage each other during operation. In addition, the oil also helps to keep the engine cool and to clean the engine by removing carbon residues. We recommend that you read this link where you will find several articles that will help you with car oil maintenance.

Two.What will happen if you run out of oil in the car is that you run the risk of the engine running out of ice, the connecting rod coming off the crankshaft. Due to the lack of lubrication between the parts, the motor gets scratched or even the situation of forming holes can occur. As you can imagine, repairing a breakdown of this magnitude will be very costly from an economic point of view.

3.Your car’s gauge panel has a signal to warn you of low oil pressure. The most advisable thing is that as you get closer to the red zone, you go to your mechanic to change the oil or that you do the operation yourself. Instead of this indicator, your car may also have an icon with the image of the oil can that will light up when there are problems with the oil.

4.If the signal has failed and you run out of oil while driving, you will notice a screeching sound coming from the engine as the parts have been degreased and rubbing against each other. Don’t think twice and stop your car as soon as possible. While you probably won’t be able to prevent a major breakdown, the sooner the engine stops running, the less severe the consequences.

5.Don’t try to top up the oil yourself before the car goes through the mechanic. Without a doubt, your engine has suffered damage due to lack of oil and it must be a tow truck or trailer that takes your vehicle to a mechanic for inspection.

Be on the lookout for any signs that your car may be losing oil to avoid running out of oil completely. If you see a slimy stain under your car when you park it, see your mechanic as soon as possible. Sometimes the air conditioner will cause liquid to appear under your car, but it will never be slimy.

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