When to change the glow plugs

The glow plugs are part of the diesel engine of the car and its main function is, once it’s started the car, helping it does not contaminate the generation of black smoke. Also, in older diesel engine models, the glow plugs work during startup to heat the combustion chambers of the cylinders. As we can see, they have a key job in the engine system. For proper maintenance, here we explain when to change the glow plugs.

Steps to follow:

One.In the mechanics manual of our car, if it is complete, they should indicate the recommended period of useful life of the glow plugs, after which they would stop working correctly. We should never exceed this time, but depending on how we use the car, we may have to do it earlier.

Two.In the event that we do not notice any problems previously, when the car has a route of 120,000 kilometers, we should already think about changing the glow plugs.

3.If, while driving or starting the car, we notice a lot of black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, this may be due to a faulty glow plug. Even if only one is damaged, we will have to change them all, to avoid imbalances in the system.

4.Another symptom that tells us that we must change the glow plugs is that the car has too much trouble starting, especially when the external temperature is lower than usual.

5.During the start of the engine, a yellow light with the symbol of a spring or resistance lights up on the dashboard of the car. This is normal, but if this warning continues on while driving, we must proceed to change the glow plugs.

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