When to change the wiper blades

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the windscreen wiper blades play a vital role. If they do not sweep well and do not properly evacuate water, hail or snow, they prevent precious information from reaching our eyes. A few seconds can be vital to the lives of vehicle occupants or pedestrians.

Steps to follow:

One.If the brushes leave areas to be swept, cause strange fogging, make noise or jump, it is time to replace them.

Two.We advise your change after the summer as appropriate. There is nothing worse for its components than long days of sun and high temperatures.

3.Some car models incorporate very useful wear detectors, this makes it no longer a question “when to change them clean” since the car itself tells us when.

4.The wear of the brushes is related to their frequent use or to the environmental aggressions to which they are exposed such as heat, frost, dust or sand. In general, brushes last between 18 and 24 months.

5;The symptoms of wear brushes wipers are:

  • If you feel roughness and / or cuts, when sliding your finger along the edge of the brush.
  • If the surface of the windshield is not completely clean: There are streaks, wet areas or areas that are not cleaned.
  • If there are small jumps that cause the blade not to slide smoothly on the glass.
  • If noises are heard during brush operation

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