Why does my car accelerate by itself?

Cars are one of the most comfortable devices that can make our lives. We use them in many situations, whether to go to work, to go on a trip or simply to move from one place to another within our own city. However, whether they are old or new vehicles, it is important that the cars pass the corresponding revisions if we want to avoid that they break down and they can give us a displeasure. In this sense, some of the most common problems are usually those related to acceleration, which can be due to idling and failures in the control of the vehicle’s acceleration when the accelerator is not depressed. If you’re asking yourself the question why is my car speeding on its own, keep reading and we will help you solve it.

Why the car accelerates only when moving

When a car accelerates on its own, especially when we are stuck, the most common is that the fault is related to idling. To speak of idling is to refer to the minimum revolutions per minute that the engine has to give to keep running. That is, when we are in motion, the vehicles own action allows the engine to keep running smoothly.

My car accelerates only at idle

However, when we are parked with the engine running or waiting at a red light, it is necessary that the engine continues to run so that, when the accelerator is pressed again, the vehicle moves without the need to restart it.

This is achieved by an internal activity of the car engine, which maintains a minimum number of revolutions per minute in the engine even with the vehicle stationary. These minimum revolutions are known as idle.

If the car revs only while in gear…

Although it is important to bear in mind that this failure can be due to different faults, the most common is that it has its origin in a poor control or operation of the idle speed by the vehicle itself. However, to make sure of this, the most appropriate thing is to take the car to the workshop so that a qualified mechanic can supervise it and can specify what the exact problem is.

If the problem is idling…

In cases where the problem is due to a malfunction of the idle, the most common will be that the problem is in the part that controls the passage of air into the engine. This part is responsible for controlling the engine revolutions and, when it does not work correctly, it is when the vehicle accelerates excessively and improperly.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to clean this valve every so often, or approximately every 40,000 kilometers traveled, as it can accumulate traces of dirt and dust that cause it to end up failing and not be able to carry out its work correctly.

If the problem is with the sensor…

On the other hand, although the most common is that the faults related to the automatic acceleration of a car are due to this part that regulates the operation of the idle, another possibility, also quite common, is that the fault is located in the sensor that indicates throttle position.

In these cases, the sensor cannot correctly locate the throttle position and consequently it does not send the signals correctly to the vehicle and cannot adequately control the idle of the car.

My car revs by itself – SOLUTION

The first thing to do to solve a fault related to inadequate acceleration in a vehicle is to be sure of the type of fault in question. As we have said, the most common is that it is due to problems related to idling and some of the parts of the vehicle that take care of its correct control and operation.

However, whether it is these types of breakdown or different types, it will be necessary for the car to be checked by a professional and duly qualified mechanic, who will be the right person to locate the fault and then be able to solve it.

How to fix a car idle

In general, when the problem is in the valve that controls the passage of air into the engine, it is usually enough to clean the part properly so that the car runs smoothly again.

In cases where the part is too deteriorated, the only solution will be to replace it with a new one, which may be more expensive, but it will be the most effective way to repair the fault.

How to repair a car sensor

Finally, when the fault is found in the sensor that locates the throttle position, the most common thing will be to repair this fault by recalibrating said sensor, which is usually a simple task if the equipment is in good condition.

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