Why Does My Car Air Conditioner Smell Of Vinegar

If you wonder why your car air conditioning smells like vinegar, it is because you are not doing a correct maintenance of the system in terms of cleaning and frequency of recharging. Thus, although not a few vehicle owners suffer from this problem, it is not normal for the air conditioning to give off the smell of vinegar or anything else. To help you solve it, here we give you the answer to the question why does the air conditioning in my car smell like vinegar.

Steps to follow:

One.The reason why the air conditioning in your car smells like vinegar is that the humidity that exists in the system causes that, if the necessary maintenance tasks are not carried out, fungi and bacteria proliferate that will end up causing this smell similar to that of vinegar.

Two.Well, the fact that this system has humidity, something that has to be the case, is not the only reason that the car’s air conditioning smells of vinegar. Thus, this factor has to be added to the fact that you do not clean the air when necessary so that this unpleasant smell is finally produced inside your vehicle when you activate the cold.

3.To prevent the car’s air conditioning from smelling so strong, you must clean the system twice a year, every 6 months, and even apply a specific product to kill fungi and bacteria, which are usually resistant.

4.The reason the car’s cooling system smells of vinegar can also be found in the air conditioning load itself. If you haven’t renewed it for a long time and you haven’t used the air conditioning for a long time, fungi and bacteria will have proliferated, causing the expansion of the odor when you turn on the cold.

5.Therefore, it is convenient that you renew the charge and, especially, when you have not used the air conditioning of the car for months.

6.If you have more problems with bad smells with your car’s air conditioning, in addition to doing good maintenance, recharging and cleaning the system ducts.


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