Why does my car shake when I go out in first gear?

Cars are one of the most common vehicles and, in some cases, they are also a fundamental means of transport for many people, especially for those who live in areas where the transport network is not as good or complete as they would like. For this reason, it is in many cases the main means of transport of people and, consequently, it is important that it is constantly cared for and kept in good condition, since a large part of the comfort and travel that will depend on it may perform.

One of the most common problems that many people go to a workshop to have their vehicle checked is why my car shakes when I leave in first gear. It is a much more common problem than many people might think and, therefore, also one of the most frequently solved in workshops. If you are wondering why my car shakes when I start in first gear, keep reading and we will tell you what you should do.

My car has a hard time getting out in first gear, why?

One of the aspects that we will have to take into account when a car vibrates when starting in first gear is that it is a problem that can affect different parts of the vehicle, as well as have different causes and solutions. Broadly speaking, the most common is that it is a problem of feel between the clutch and the accelerator. This means that the internal mechanisms of both pedals are not well balanced with each other and, consequently, at the moment of the start of the march, we notice a vibration that would be a consequence of the attempt to adjust the different parts inside the pedal Car.

However, as we say, this can be only one of the causes and, although it is by far the most common of all, it is also important to consider other possibilities that can also lead to this vibration of the vehicle when starting in first gear. In this sense, the problem could be located in both the hub and the disc or, even, that it is due to one of the injectors.

How to fix the shaking when going out first

If the vibration does not stop on its own (which is usually the most common), what we will have to do is go to a mechanical workshop to have them check the interior of the vehicle and locate the reason that causes the car to vibrate when leaving in first gear.

Although you may be tempted to want to fix it yourself, if you do not have the proper mechanical knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and materials, it is recommended to avoid modifying the interior of the vehicle. The most advisable thing will always be that it is a professional mechanic who makes any modification to the car’s machinery. In fact, this will also allow us to be sure that it is a job with all the necessary guarantees, both from a functional point of view and the safety of the vehicle itself.

When I release the clutch it vibrates – the driver

On the other hand, it is possible that the car vibrates when starting in first gear and that, despite this, this does not have to mean that there is a fault in the vehicle. In fact, it is usually quite common in the case of new cars. It is what is usually known colloquially as “getting the point”. This is nothing more than learning the timing and force with which to press and release the clutch and accelerator pedals to get a clean gear change.

If this were the case, it must be borne in mind that the problem would not be in the car itself, but that it is the driver who must learn to manipulate the pedals correctly as the case may be to get the vehicle to start in first without vibrate.

If so, or if it is not known exactly if this is the problem or not, an easy way to check it is for different people to try to start the car and go first. It is very rare for a large group of people to have the same touch when starting a car, so if the vibration persists in all of them, it will be a possible indication that, indeed, some element of the vehicle’s mechanism is damaged. This will also be a way to ensure the need to go to the workshop as soon as possible so that a professional mechanic can check the vehicle.

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