Why does my car smoke so much white?

A change in the color of the smoke that your car expels through the exhaust pipe is a sign that some type of mismatch has occurred, of greater or lesser severity. It could simply be due to a build-up of condensation, with which there would be no consequences, or, on the contrary, to a fault that could be serious if you do not tackle it quickly. Here we give you an answer to the question why my car is smoking a lot of white.

Steps to follow:

One.If you notice that your car gives off too much white smoke and it comes out in thin threads, only when you start, you should not worry. This is due to a build-up of condensation that finds its way out through the exhaust pipe.

Two.In the case that your car is diesel, the fact that it emits white smoke in greater quantity but only during start-up may be due to the pump injecting the fuel too early. You should go to a mechanic to check that this is so and, if necessary, fix this mismatch.

3.In the event that the white smoke output persists while the car is running and is not exclusively during the ignition, it may be because there is a coolant leak and that it is burning. The fault is not a very serious principle but you should go to a professional as soon as possible to end the leak.

4.The fact that the car emits a lot of white smoke when it has already started can also be due to more serious and costly breakdowns, which must be repaired as soon as possible. Thus, you could be facing a symptom of problems with the cylinder head gasket, with a cylinder head or with a crack in the engine block. These are major breakdowns that will be costly.

5.By regularly maintaining your car, you can find these problems early, before they become expensive or even impossible to repair.

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