Why won’t my car start

If your car does not start it may be due to mechanical problems related to the car’s ignition system or because you have run out of battery due to misuse or breakdown. A mistake with gasoline can also be the reason that the car does not start. In any case, good vehicle maintenance will reduce the possibility that you find yourself in this situation. Here we give you an answer to the question why my car won’t start.

Steps to follow:

One.One of the reasons your car won’t start may be that it has run out of battery. The most likely causes are that it has been discharged because, for example, you have left the lights on with the vehicle off, or that it is damaged. You will need to take your car to a mechanic to determine the reason for the discharge.

Two.If your car won’t start, it may have run out of gas. If you have only recently refueled at the gas station, you may have a fuel tank leak. You can easily check it by looking at the ground, under the engine, where there will be traces of fuel if there is any leak.

Your mechanic will have to solve the fault, which is not very common but can occur because an element, such as a stone, hits the tank. If you do not have gasoline because you have lost your mind and have not refilled on time, you should go on foot to a gas station and take fuel in an approved container to fill the car’s tank, at least with the amount necessary to transfer it to a gas station.

3.broken ignition switch also causes the car to not start. This part that is part of the ignition system is responsible for giving an electrical signal to the starter motor when the key is operated. This begins the process to start the engine. If you don’t notice any noise when you turn the key, the most likely cause of the car not starting is that this switch is broken. Your mechanic will have to confirm it and fix the fault.

4.If when the key starts the normal ignition process but finally the car engine does not start, you may be facing a problem with the spark plugs, which will be either stuck or dirty. Cleaning or replacing the spark plugs is not very complicated, so you can carry it out yourself if you want to avoid spending in the mechanical workshop.

5.The cause of your car not starting may be found in the starter relay. It is a piece that costs around 20 euros, so if you take it to the mechanic you will not have to make a large outlay to end the problem. This component of the vehicle is responsible for sending electricity to the car’s starter motor so that it starts, with which any failure causes the car to not be able to start.

6.To avoid situations like this in which your car won’t start, do a good car tune -up every 2 years or 40,000 kilometers.

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